You may know Sharlto Copley as the hapless bureaucrat who gets exposed to an alien chemical in Neil Blomkamp's District 9. But before winning some degree of stateside recognition as the star of that film, Copley was somewhat of a media magnate in his native South Africa, producing and directing shorts and commercials through his production companies. Somewhere in there, apparently before District 9 took off and Copley was cast in The A-Team, he also directed a feature: a science-fiction thriller called Spoon, starring Rutger Hauer and British TV vet Darren Boyd. "Spoon" is the last name of the two main characters -- Hauer the father and Boyd the son.

The movie is described on IMDb as about "a man with a medical condition that causes him to black out during moments of extreme stress and leads him to make a remarkable discovery about himself," which is frankly enough of a teaser for me -- reminds me of The Butterfly Effect (which I liked; leave me alone) and, I dunno -- Hulk? The Jacket? If that's not enough, the creepy-as-hell teaser trailer is after the jump. In it, Rutger Hauer, decked out in a straitjacket, exhorts his son on videotape to have the courage to die for his beliefs, as a shadowy silhouette munches on something in the background. Then the title card superimposed upon a sequence of three images I can't quite make out, even in freeze-frame. I'm particularly intrigued by the second one, which looks like it might be a dude with some sort of box on his head.

Anyway, no word on release plans, but move this one to the top of my must-see list. In the middle of what's looking like a dreary, formulaic summer at the movies, a glimpse of something as cool-looking as this helps keep me going.