This one is a little different from most of my usual Web Scares. Someone has posted an entire library of short films from a Japan series that I know only as 'Ghost Stories from Japan'. There's probably an official title for these, but I don't speak Japanese. Not even a little. I've been a huge critic of the J-horror fad. The American remakes were by and large toothless and forgettable. Even the source material wasn't worth the attention. Maybe something was lost in translation, but I thought most Japanese horror flicks were packed with eerie imagery, but devoid of anything that made any damned sense. That wave of remakes may have passed, but these are concise little nuggets of fear that are well worth your time. I'm a big proponent of brevity in film making and the artifice required to entertain and scare someone in just five minutes shows more skill than any 2 hour epic.

This first one is called 'The Elevator'. It's a spooky ghost yarn that you could tell around a campfire or read about in Creepy magazine. Check it out past the jump.

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