When Sex and the City 2 loses to a Shrek sequel and Jake Gyllenhaal at the box office, you know you can at least look forward to some memorably bad puns courtesy of mischievous bloggers and reporters. My favorite was tweeted by co-blogger Erik Childress, courtesy of the AP:
'Shrek' better than 'Sex' with $43M at box office
This Shrek kind of sucks, actually, but whatever. The $43 million became an estimated $55 million by the end of Monday -- a nice hold for the third sequel, which opened to $71 million the previous weekend. The middling Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time opened to a similarly middling $37 million in second place -- not chopped liver, but not ideal for the expensive film. Sex and the City 2, perhaps reeling somewhat from its critical drubbing (and how!) was in a virtual tie with Prince over the four-day weekend, but its Thursday opening brought the 5-day total to $51 million. (The first film opened to $57 million over three days.) Iron Man 2 and Robin Hood continued to hold up okay; the former will get to $300 million in the next couple weeks, and the latter will at least reach the $100 million mark while doing better overseas.

Some more talk, and the four-day numbers, after the jump.