I'm like one of three people on the planet who never watched a single episode of Lost, so when this story about Josh Holloway potentially signing on to play a lead role in a Marvel Comics film turned up over at AvengersNews.com, I had to go figure out who Josh Holloway was and whether or not I should be excited.

Holloway played Sawyer on the hit ABC series and while no one knows who the actor might play in a Marvel film (or even which Marvel film he might star in), speculation is running rampant. AvengersNews lists three possibilities -- two that seem potentially interesting, one that leaves me feeling "Meh."

The first theory is that Holloway will tackle the role of Henry Pym, better known as Ant-Man, in the upcoming Avengers film and then star as the character in a planned spin-off. I'm okay with that casting. I remain unconvinced that there should even be a standalone Ant-Man movie, but maybe Holloway in a starring role could give the character the push he needs to become more recognizable outside of comic shops.