'Marmaduke'It happens all the time: kids see a cute animal in a movie and want one for themselves. They pester their parents into buying their very own Hooch or Beethoven or Benji or E.T. and then discover the very real work that goes into caring for a pet. And then the poor animal ends up in a shelter or, worse yet, abandoned on the street. Thus, the Calgary Humane Society is very much concerned that Marmaduke may spark the next pet craze when it opens on Friday, according to Toronto Sun.

Marmaduke is based on the long-running newspaper comic strip about a Great Dane and features the voice of Owen Wilson as the titular dog, along with Judy Greer and William H. Macy in live-action roles. Just to get the most frequently-asked questions out of the way: No, Marmaduke does not talk in the comic strip. No, we don't really know why Owen Wilson agreed to do the movie. No, neither the teaser nor the trailer looks very enticing.

Still, the Calgary Humane Society knows that potential cinematic quality has nothing to do with popularity, citing the live-action 101 Dalmatians and the live-action/CGI mix of G-Force as movies that sparked previous pet crazes. Their main concern is that people do their homework before buying a Great Dane, since they say the breed tends to live short lives and are prone to medical conditions that can rack up hefty bills. They hope people see the movie and say: "Oh, that's a cute dog, but look how big it is." Based on what you've seen or heard about the movie so far, do you think Marmaduke will spark the next pet craze?