Without thinking twice upon walking out of last Tuesday's Prince of Persia screening (preceded by Monday's advance showing of Sex and the City 2), I surmised that this past weekend was going to suffer the worst pair of Memorial Day holiday openings ever. Before I could even make a radio appearance with my colleague Nick Digilio on WGN Chicago, he made the same statement on his Friday night show. There have certainly been some individual stinkers to top the holiday over the years such as Godzilla and Pearl Harbor. You might have to go all the way back to 1994 to find a pair of high-profile films (The Flintstones & Beverly Hills Cop III) that we wanted to forget about as soon as possible.

The writing was on the wall early when it comes to Sex and the City 2, though. Reviews were calling it "bloated," "racist," "superficial," "atrocious," and "fascist." Those are words you don't often hear outside of a Michael Bay film, and it was some miracle (or critical misguidance) that Michael Patrick King's sequel received any positive notices at all. 23 at current count at Rotten Tomatoes, with 143 reviews posted. Ouch, indeed. And less you think I'm just using the statistics of some jaded male critics to knock down the film (15 of those 23 reviews were from guys, for the record), the box office began dropping pretty quickly too.

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