Thundercats, ho! No, I'm not insulting you; I'm just crying out with the call of the Thundercats. Does the thought of an all-new Thundercats television series hit your nostalgia sweet spot? Then get ready to start purring and doing that weird claw thing with your hands that kitties do with their paws when they're happy -- Thundercats are returning to television.

The new Cartoon Network series sounds like a prequel to the (abysmal) Rankin-Bass cartoon, with the new show charting Lion-O's ascension to prince of the cat-faced muscle-men. If you think Thundercats is an untouchable work of genius and a benchmark in television animation history, then you probably haven't seen the show since you were a single digit age. It hasn't exactly held up over the years.

My beef with Thundercats fans (ready to throw down?), is that the whole concept was really a He-Man rip-off in the first place. How someone can like Thundercats and not love He-Man is as absurd to me as Creed fans that dismiss Pearl Jam. To its credit, I do like Thundercats more than Creed, for whatever that's worth.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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