The citizens of Burkittsville, Maryland have trouble throwing things away. An outhouse used by one resident until it was shut down 30 years ago is still standing and the town looks like a photograph from a bygone era, but one thing Burkittsvile can't wait to get rid of are three rusty, metal signs leftover from a shooting of the shaky-cam classic The Blair Witch Project.

Residents of the Maryland town have been plagued by the spooky reputation the film helped create and hordes of visitors (some a little cuckoo) who have traveled to see Burkittsville because of the movie. Not that the film is entirely to blame -- there is a giant cemetery in the middle of town and the Maryland woods that surround it make for an atmospheric haunt. The signs that read "Welcome to the Historic Village of Burkittsville" were purchased by Artisan Entertainment for Burkittsville and have since rusted in the rain. An election will decide the fate of these signs, but citizens are hoping to sell them on eBay where officials think they could get $3,000 to make up for their troubles. Blair Witch did gross $249 million so it only seems fair that the residents should get a piece of the pie. There would have been four signs up for grabs, but one was stolen by a fan. Go figure.

The Blair Witch Project 3 is still in development where I imagine it may languish for a while.

[via LA Times]

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