Facebook is one step closer to being your one-stop-shop for everything Internet-related. The New York Times reports that Walt Disney Co. has teamed with Facebook so that users can buy tickets to Toy Story 3 on the social networking site, and then prod fellow users and non-users to buy tickets as well. "The application, called Disney Tickets Together, could transform how Hollywood sells movie tickets by combining purchases with the powerful forces of social networking."

The plan is to test the application with the first film, and if it's successful enough, Disney will start using the "no friend gets left behind" plan for other films. The Times piece, however, is little more than a press release, making zero mention of Facebook's current issues, which definitely factors into this whole scenario. Mass exoduses, privacy concerns, censoring content, clickjacking, subpoena'd accounts and more have plagued the social networking site recently, not to mention the myriad of issues that come into play when all of your contacts can follow your every move. When lawyers go to Facebook to find "evidence" for divorces, paedophiles use the site for prey, and Moms find kidnapped kids, just imagine the everyday issues that will pop up as Joe invites Jane to a movie and then Bob logs in and sees that he was left in the dust. Or even worse -- that annoying group of 5 disruptive moviegoers that turns into 20.

While I can see this appealing to some groups, can Facebook apps really change the way we buy movie tickets? Will this catch on with the same fervor that Hollywood has placed on 3D? Is this something you want from your Facebook experience, movie fans? Or, do you prefer to conduct your moviegoing privately? Weigh in below.