Rose Byrne as Jackie Q in 'Get Him to the Greek'Russell Brand channels his inner rock star in this weekend's 'Get Him to the Greek.' He plays Aldous Snow, rock god...well, at least he used to be. Now he's back on drugs and at the 'greatest hits' point in his career. Young record executive Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) has 72 hours to get him from London to the Greek Theater in Los Angeles for an epic concert that could bring him back to the top.

I got a chance to chat with Rose Byrne who plays pop star Jackie Q, Snow's former girlfriend, Elizabeth Moss who plays Aaron's girlfriend Daphne and director Nick Stoller at the press day in Los Angeles. And the press had quite the adventure as well! I chated with Stoller, Brand and Hill in London (check it out the Brand interview here and the Moviefone Minute interviews here,) Popeater took the New York leg, Asylum chatted them up in Las Vegas and it all circled back to me. (Check out my interviews with Brand, Hill and Sean 'Diddy' Combshere.) We got a glimpse of exactly what it took for Byrne to play the saucy singer, the differences between 'Mad Men' and 'Greek' from Moss and a peek at 'Stretch Armstrong' from Stoller. Check out the videos after the jump.