Hesher, directed and co-written by Spencer Susser, has a lot going for it -- an excellent cast that includes Natalie Portman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, a fresh take on freaky teen angst, and a buzzy Sundance premiere that resulted in a purchase by Newmarket Films. Gordon-Levitt stars as the weird catalyst for a young man's coming-of-age, "the Tyler Durden dark side bringing him into the light," as Cinematical's Erik Childress put it in his review from Sundance.

Late last week, The Playlist noticed that information on the Nu Image/Millenium Films website indicated that the title had been changed to Rebel, including a new poster. Susser reached out to Chase Whale over at Gordon and the Whale via email exclusively, writing, "The film is being released as Hesher, not any other title it's being sold with overseas." Kinda makes sense, I guess, since the word hesher might not translate overseas; however, as Chase pointed out, releasing it as Rebel in the States would definitely change the whole vibe of the film.

Visit our buddies at Gordon and the Whale to get the full scoop and check out a brand-new pic of Joseph Gordon-Levitt looking like hot bad news. And, of course, JGL has plenty of other stuff coming up, including the highly anticipated mind-bender Inception from Christopher Nolan, and I'm With Cancer.