Thanks to its recent release on DVD and Blu-ray, I've had Universal's remake of The Wolfman on my brain lately. I think the extra sixteen minutes added to the unrated cut of the film are a marked improvement on the overall film; not necessarily because they add much needed depth to the core characters, but because the padded run time finally just lets the movie breathe. The theatrical cut had a number of problems, sure, but its most systemic fault was a break neck rush to the end credits. That particular problem is now, more or less, solved.

Improvements to the film aside, some of the making-of featurettes really helped reinforce two elements of Joe Johnston's film I already loved. The first being Rick Baker's makeup effects, which are far more prolific than I initially realized (I think knowing that the transformations would be all CGI tainted just how much of the Wolfman I thought was digital). The second gem of the film is none other than Sir. Anthony Hopkins. So in honor of the great, grizzled knight/actor, I'd like to kick off a (hopefully recurring) new feature at Horror Squad highlighting actors who keep the genre classy. How exactly do you define classy? I'm not sure, to be honest. It's like porn, you just know it when you see it.
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