With Vincenzo Natali's Splicejust days away from its wide release, this seems like a really good time for Warner Bros. and Dark Castle to release a new trailer -- and lo and behold, they've done just that.

This new clip, over at Yahoo Movies, is of the "Internet-only' variety -- meaning it won't be showing up on your television anytime soon. This new teaser is not only entertaining, but it's informative as well, opening with a montage highlighting the history of how we unlocked the genetic code and began to understand cloning and lot of other science-y stuff I'd know more about if I'd paid attention in Biology class.

Don't let that turn you off -- it's not all about learnin'. This new clip features more of Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley, two scientists who defy the law and moral opposition to create their very own life form -- a strange hybrid creature known as Dren. If you guess that this creature turns out to be not so cuddly, you're on the same page as the film.

This new trailer isn't exactly filled with footage we haven't seen before, but it works well enough. Splice will be in theater this Friday. Check out the Internet only clip after the jump.
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