Russell Brand and Jonah Hill in 'Get Him to the Greek'Ah Russell Brand. You've done it again. You've done the impossible...again. You have made me blush. In 'Get Him to the Greek,' Brand revisits his character from 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall,' rock star Aldous Snow. But this time, he's a bit of a wreak. His relationship with pop star Jackie Q (Rose Byrne) is over, his career has hit a low point after a pretty awful song called 'African Child' and he's back on the sauce...and a few other things. Young record executive Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) has 72 hours to get him from London to the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. He's got to deal with heroin smuggling, his hard ass boss Sergio Roma (Sean 'Diddy' Combs) and a girlfriend who just doesn't get it.

The press for the film has been as exciting as the fictional journey, starting with interviews I did in London. (Check out the Russell Brand interview and the Moviefone Minute interviews by clicking on the links.) Next up was Popeater in New York then Asylum in Las Vegas. And finally, we have the Los Angeles interviews here. Check out what Russell Brand, Jonah Hill and Sean 'Diddy' Combs have to say. (And I've got Nick Stoller, Rose Byrne and Elizabeth Moss for you as well. Check it out here.) As always, Brand made me giggle like a school girl. You have to watch the rap he does about Meredith Vieira. It's...well, it's kinda dirty! Check out the videos after the jump.