Microcinema International DVD has acquired six films from that bizarre and elusive British cult director Alex Cox, some of which have never before been available in the United States. First up is Straight to Hell Returns, which is a kind of remix of Cox's Straight to Hell (1987), "featuring enhanced violence and cruelty, and additional shots by cinematographer Tom Richmond." Straight to Hell was an attempt at a cult comedy Western, about a bunch of killers hiding out in a weird town, starring Joe Strummer, Courtney Love, Dennis Hopper, Elvis Costello,Sy Richardson, Shane McGowan, Dick Rude, Jim Jarmusch, and Grace Jones. It never really caught on, but perhaps it will now.

Next is Searchers 2.0 (2007), another comedy with Western overtones. Two former child actors, and veterans of many movie Westerns, take a road trip to get revenge on a sadistic screenwriter who tormented them on an early film. Roger Corman produced. Cox produced the Spanish-language Highway Patrolman (1991) in Mexico, and many critics agree that it's one of his best movies. It received a tiny theatrical release in 1994 and practically disappeared. Roberto Sosa stars as a young highway patrolman who discovers that the job isn't nearly as exciting as he thought. None of these three titles has ever been available on DVD in the United States.
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