As you might have caught on MTV or Cinematical'sLate Night, Les Grossman is back. First he told off Tom Cruise on the set of Risky Business, which saw the actor throwing on a wig and once again prepping his iconic sing-along with Bob Seger. Now Grossman is laying down the law for Bella's Twilight loves.

Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson face Grossman as he preps for the MTV Movie Awards. In the first clip (both of which are after the jump), Lautner explains to Les that he can't make the ceremony because his friend is getting married. Naturally, Les finds a fatty body double to replace him. Then it's time for Pattinson to face the Hollywood Mega Mogul. RPatt chats with Les about the ceremony and explains how he might have a shave and wash his hair for the big day. Grossman, however, is none too pleased with the news. (I foresee a follow-up for this clip, since Pattinson has chopped his locks off since appearing in the video.)

Each clip has its moments, although both -- as Movieline aptly points out -- lose a lot since neither clip had the actors all in the same studio. There's only so much funny you can get when actors relay their lines to body doubles before it's all spliced together. Regardless, this is a far cry from the original plans for Cruise and Ben Stiller to whip up a series of clips or a feature film after Tropic Thunder. Now that so much time has passed, are you itching for more Grossman, or should Cruise move on?