Last week we posted the first part of our interview with Splice director Vincenzo Natali in which he discussed how he would adapt a few of his future projects, mainly William Gibson's Neuromancer and J.G. Ballard's High Rise. This week, however, the interview is all about his wonderfully twisted and brave creature feature opening everywhere this Friday (that's June 4th if you don't have a calendar handy).

Cinematical: After Sundance, when Warner Brothers picked Splice up and gave it to Dark Castle, there was a lot of talk of it getting re-edited, what exactly is the difference between this cut and the Sundance/Sitges cuts? I'm assuming those two were identical.

Vincenzo Natali: That's right. This is a new version. It's marginally different. It's two minutes and eleven seconds shorter. It's really cosmetic kind of stuff that we did to the film with a few small exceptions. I cut out a short scene at the end of the movie where Adrien Brody finds something just because it was slowing action down when it should have been moving. And we added one shot to help clarify the final reveal of Dren. Other than that, it's basically the same film. We cleaned up the dialogue a bit in the mix and we did some work on the color grade, too.

I was terrified, believe me. I was elated and terrified at the same time when Joel Silver picked up the film, because it was obviously such a wonderful opportunity but at the same time I didn't know him, except by reputation, and I didn't know what he was going to do to the film. And I didn't have control over it, either.

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