While Hollywood isn't rushing to churn out movie versions of HP Lovecraft's classic stories (which is interesting, given that FX technology has now advanced to the point where putting the Elder Gods on the big screen would be possible), The HP Lovecraft Historical Society is picking up the slack.

A few years ago, they released an amazing silent film version of the author's classic Call of Cthulhu, and now they're back with a brand new title -- an adaptation of Lovecraft's Whisperer in Darkness. You can take a peek at the trailer (courtesy of Twitch) after the jump.

Unlike Call of Cthulhu, Whisperer features dialogue. Other than that, the two films appear quite similar -- both are low budget (although they don't look cheap) and feature unknown actors faithfully recreating Lovecraft's work. I'll admit that I was a little nervous when hearing there'd be sound in this film, only because I thought it might highlight the fact that these are actors who aren't well known. My fears appear to be unfounded -- everyone in the trailer seems quite believable. Lovecraft was always a bit melodramatic anyway...

Whisperer isn't a supernatural horror tale, but more of a sci-fi/horror hybrid. The Cult of Cthulhu is mentioned, but they're not part of the story at all, which instead focuses on a weird race of creatures living in the Vermont hills.

Filming of Whisperer in Darkness should finish in October. Until then, enjoy this new trailer.
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