Human Centipede TattooI've seen some interesting film-related tattoos in my time, in person as well as onscreen or in photos. Alamo Drafthouse programmer Zack Carlson has a Troll 2 tattoo as well as one I especially like that commemorates the late great days of VHS. I noticed some pretty cool movie tattoos when my husband went through a weekend-long marathon of watching LA Ink on Netflix Watch Instantly. And yesterday, the Alamo Drafthouse blog highlighted a tattoo that one of their projectionists just got that references the movie The Human Centipede. I am way too chicken to watch this movie (read Todd Gilchrist's review to find out why), but I know enough of the film's conceit to appreciate the tattoo, which is recognizable yet moderately tasteful.

I've been wondering lately -- if I ever got a tattoo, what would it be? And would it reference movies in some way? I have yet to think of, or see, a tattoo that symbolizes movies as I love them, or references a movie that is meaningful to me. And since I'm too wussy to sit through The Human Centipede, you know that any tattoo I might even imagine getting would need to be rather small and simple and not in one of the more painful places. A small strip of film ... but what would be on it? A beloved movie quote? A tiny, winged Sam Lowry? Nothing has grabbed me yet, at least not enough to consider it seriously.

Do you have any movie-related tattoos yourself -- and if so, can you share a photo or two? And if not, what movie, or aspect of the movies, would you imagine you might want to have tattooed on yourself? An autograph of George A. Romero, perhaps? Do any of these appeal to you?
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