After a less-than-stellar Memorial Day weekend for what should have been a fat box office from Shrek Forever After and Sex and the City 2, we're left to ponder why. As Brandon Gray at BoxOfficeMojo pointed out, May 2010 was down 11% from May 2009, and in fact, this May had a full crop of sequels from previous Mays. Is it the economy, or, as one reporter at The Hollywood Reporter wonders, are we just sick and tired of mediocre sequels?

Iron Man 2, the movie with the most audience good-will and excitement, has been more or less holding strong, but still not as strong as the original. Cinematical's Scott Weinberg wrote in his review, "So while Iron Man 2 doesn't break any fresh ground (like its predecessor did), it's still impressive enough for a flick to be called 'a worthwhile sequel to a superior film,' and Iron Man 2 is certainly that." Todd Gilchrist agreed, more or less, although in his review, he wrote, "Ultimately, Iron Man 2 can really only be faulted for being okay, rather than really great." Still, it's the least of all the evils lurking this summer.

And it's looking unlikely that the non-sequels are going to fare much better. Robin Hood is lukewarm, as is Prince of Persia (which wasn't a very good video game, to begin with), although Get Him to the Greek could have a lively opening weekend, based on positive word of mouth and a currently Fresh rating over on Rotten Tomatoes.

So, what's the deal? Are you headed to the multiplex, or chilling at home in the A/C with some Netflix? Are any of the coming attractions appealing to you? Let us know in the comments.