- Unfortunately, Erik was incorrect in his guess that a recent casting notice looking for Midwestern teens was for J.J. Abrams' Super 8. The Playlist learned from Production Weekly that it's really just a call sheet for Bad Robot's remake of Little Darlings. Booooo. Well, hey, maybe they're actually the same movie and this time around the girls bet on who can be the first to lose their alien virginity. New title: Little Earth Darlings Are Easy.

- Oh and if you didn't expect a lotof peopleto go all skeptic regarding the above debunkery and chime in with, "or is it... ," then you're new to the Internet. So hello, and welcome! (and thanks for coming to Cinematical first.)

- First it was Selena Gomez cast in an inverse remake called What Boys Want. Now Gong Li is reportedly set to star in a Chinese remake of the Mel Gibson classic What Women Want. She'll take on the Helen Hunt role while Andy Lau (Infernal Affairs) gets to try on pantyhose and read the minds of females. This time, though, a male is also directing: actor Daming Chen, who may be best known in the states for appearing alongside Chris Farley in Beverly Hills Ninja.
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