During our interview with Splice director Vincenzo Natali, the Canadian filmmaker drew a bit of a blank when trying to think of the last creature feature that he truly enjoyed. In retrospect, I think that's probably one of the main reasons Splice is such a unique film (much more so than the marketing makes it out to be). Natali made the film he wanted to see, not the same kind of film he'd been seeing for years. That said, I do think there are a handful of great creature features to have come out in the last ten years that are certainly worth recommending. Conveniently enough for this column, there are seven of them:

1. Teeth, directed by Mitchell Lichtenstein, 2007
The only thing better than watching Teeth is showing Teeth to a group of people who have never seen it before. And if they happen to be clueless as to what it's about, that's even the better. But since this is a list of impressive creature features of the '00s, I should clarify for the uninitiated that Teeth is a film about a high school girl who is learning to deal with her vagina dentata as she enters womanhood. Some would argue that Mitchell Lichtenstein's film is more of a dark comedy than a creature feature, and to that I say A) Why can't it be both? and B) how is a film about a girl who grows up in front of the cooling towers of a nuclear power plant and then develops teeth in her vagina not a creature feature? Sure, it's not as blatant as the rest of the films on this list given how nearly normal its featured creature is, but it definitely belongs amongst the batch.
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