Marvel leaks are springing up all over the place. A mere day after AICN nabbed the concept art of Captain America, Collider received some Asgard treasure in the form of Thorconcept art. I hesitate to post them, because it's clearly not meant for fan consumption, and will merely set off screams of "Too plastic! Too fake!" despite that we've seen a real look at Thor, and know he doesn't look like he came out of Adobe Photoshop. By all firsthand accounts and Iron Man 2 post-credits, Mjolnir also has a lot more heft to it than this art would suggest. Again, this is concept art. This isn't meant for us to nitpick, it was meant purely for hardworking employees of Marvel to visualize the length of Thor's cape and how Chris Hemsworth would look in it.

But hey, now you too know how long Thor's cape is, and what his pants and boots look like. Those of you who are extra enterprising could actually start on your Thor costume today, and get it done by ComicCon. (I hear there might even be room for you in a certain documentary!)

In all seriousness though, I do like the look of the costume. It looks real and vaguely alien, as Asgardian armor should, and not blatantly Norse in origin. It's not really re-imagined either, it's basically the look he currently wears, sleeves and all. I never thought I'd actually be able to take this character seriously, but he really works ... in pictures, at least.

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