'Get Him to the Greek' is the latest feature to come out of the Judd Apatow-produced comedy machine. In this one, British comedian Russell Brand reprises his role as the booze-soaked rock demigod Aldous Snow, first seen stealing scenes in 2008's 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall.'

Brand's 'Marshall' and 'Greek' costar Jonah Hill, however, does not play the same character. Rather, the 'Superbad' star plays an up-and-coming record executive tasked (by Sean Combs, a.k.a. 'Diddy') to drag Snow out of his bacchanalian British environs and escort him to the 'Today' show in New York and then to Los Angeles' Greek Amphitheater to play a 10th anniversary concert. As is usually the case when earnest do-gooders, road trips and British bawdiness meet, high jinks and hilarity ensue.

Written and directed by 'Sarah Marshall' helmer Nicholas Stoller, the film also counts Elisabeth Moss, Rose Byrne and Colm Meaney (who plays Snow's estranged father) among its supporting cast. But will this Brand-Hill starrer spur audiences to 'Greek' out on this movie at the box office? Read what the critics had to say:
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