Today is a slow, slow news day. So slow, that one must resort to searching YouTube for anything even vaguely horror related. One of the first things that caught my eye was a trailer for a film called After Dusk They Come coming out on DVD in the UK June 28th. Production values didn't look all that great right off the bat, but I'm usually on board for a movie about a handful of coeds who take a boat trip to an island best left unvisited, so I remained intrigued. And then I saw Firefly's Jewel Staite and grew even more interested.

Sadly, a quick hop over to IMDb revealed that After Dusk They Come is just the new UK title for The Forgotten Ones (which was previously known as The Tribe in the States). The film hasn't actually come out Stateside yet, but it has been out in most of Europe for a few months and, unfortunately, reviews from that side of the world seems to place the film as being little more than your average Syfy channel original movie. Even still, I've got such a weak spot for Jewel Staite that I'm sure I'll be giving the film a shot in the near future. Not that it premiering on Syfy would have done anything to stop me from watching it in the first place.
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