Seems like every holiday under the sun has it's own slasher or horror film devoted to it (with the possible exceptions of Arbor Day and Flag Day...), but there really haven't been any Hanukkah-themed horror flicks that I can think of -- until now.

Yes, move over Christmas -- because Hanukkah is coming. Dread Central shared the news on filmmaker Eben McGarr's latest, which takes place during the Jewish holiday.

The plot breakdown describes the story oh Hanukkah like this:

Judah Lazarus was the original Hannukiller back in 1983. For seven nights, he killed people and was prepared to sacrifice his son, Obediah, on the eighth -- but the cops caught up with him before he could finish his ritual. Obediah was saved, but Judah was gunned down. Obediah grows up angry and without a father and turns to religious extremism to fill the void in his life. Displeased by the faithless, "bad" Jews, and those who hate the Jewish faith, he prepares to recreate his father's rampage and become the new Hannukiller.

Meanwhile, a group of Jewish teens (naturally) are preparing to party for the holidays --but Obediah has different plans. The only way to survive these eight nights of terror is to be the best Jew you can be...or something.

There's no official release date set for Hanukkah yet, but you can keep up to speed on the project -- and have a good laugh over the Halloween-esque poster -- by stopping by the film's official Facebook page.
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