Get Him to the GreekNormally, when I interview actors and/or filmmakers, the results are relatively family friendly. I hardly ever have to use asterisks. And then I interviewed actor Jonah Hill and writer/director Nicholas Stoller about their upcoming comedy Get Him to the Greek, which also stars Russell Brand. The interview was very polite as well as very lively, but we did touch upon some subjects that steered us into R-rated territory.

A dramatic scene in the film includes some partial nudity from Jonah Hill, and this reminded me of a well-known scene in Stoller's previous feature film, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, in which Kristen Bell is breaking up with a buck naked Jason Segal. In both cases, the nudity took a dramatic and serious scene and added a layer of vulnerability and an almost pathetic absurdity. Which is not to say that either of these gentleman looked pathetic while unclothed, of course.

So I've excerpted the "naughty bits" from my Get Him to the Greek interview, which you can enjoy after the jump. Keep an eye out for the full interview, which Cinematical will publish tomorrow, as well as for our review of the film. Warning: Some of the language and topics below may not be safe for work (although the asterisks are out in full play).
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