Mattel finally woke up and decided they want to join the rest of the toy companies turned entertainment companies by creating a new line of dolls that they hope will morph into a full-fledged franchise -- perfect for the cable-TV kids network they plan on launching this fall. The Monster High characters take their cue from classic horror giants like Dracula and Frankenstein -- except Mattel's version look like gothy Bratz Dolls and have cutesy back stories. For example, Draculaura is a disappointment to her parents because she is vegan and won't drink blood.

The dolls, which hit stores in July, are just the beginning for Mattel. The toy giant is also planning a new line of clothing at tween apparel store, Justice. The young adult lit publishers, Little, Brown & Co. who are behind Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series will publish the first of six Monster High books written by Lisi Harrison (author of the popular teen series, Clique) in the fall. Party City will be selling Monster High Halloween costumes to help children everywhere achieve that vacant expression and don skirts shorter than a two dollar hooker. A live-action movie musical is also in the works with Universal -- produced by the duo behind films like Chicago and Hairspray. "We see the tone as 'Beetlejuice' meets 'Grease' meets 'The Addams Family' meets 'Edward Scissorhands,' " said producer Neil Meron. You can expect that monstrosity out sometime in 2012.
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