Will a castaway play this guy?It's all Marvel news today! It wasn't planned, but the comic book stars aligned. I've got a shot of Captain America's costume, or at least the concept art. (Check out the rest of the awesomeness on Ain't It Cool.) My buddy Mike Sampson over at JoBlo saw them earlier and described the shots to us. And when Ain't It Cool finally ran them, Sampson confirmed it. We're seeing the real deal! Plus, find out which 'X-Men' star was recently knighted by the Queen of England.

I've also got some news about a certain television star who is currently in talks to star in a Marvel film. And another Marvel star we won't be seeing for a while. As always, let me know what you think about the news at jenna@moviefone.com. (Source: Avengers News, MTV) Check out the video after the jump.