Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza's Rec 2 starts its Video-On-Demand run tomorrow, and to get you all excited Yahoo Movies has posted a new clip from the creepy sequel.

The follow-up to the cult hit Rec (which was the inspiration for Sony's Quarantine) starts roughly fifteen minutes after the first film ends, with a rescue team sent into the quarantined building to figure out what's going on. What they find is unpleasant -- and not very happy to see them.

This new clip drives that point home quite nicely. Firemen infiltrate the building looking for survivors, and instead find one of the infected. When she goes nuts and attacks them, one quick thinking rescue worker fires up one his flares and puts it to use in a way I'm sure the manufacturers never intended. The result is pretty cool.

If you happen to live in a major metropolitan area, you could conceivably skip seeing Rec 2 on the small screen and catch it in a theater as part of its limited theatrical run. Those of us who live in the sticks will unfortunately not have that option.

Jump past the break to view the new clip and prepare yourself for a trip back into the building courtesy of Magnet starting tomorrow.
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