It's hard to believe that Russell Brand isn't actually a rock star. He's certainly got the look down: crazy, messy hair, tight tight tight pants, and just the right amount of eyeliner. It takes a very special brand of stand-up comedian to pull off playing a devil-may-care musician like Aldous Snow in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall', and now Brand is at it again in 'Get Him to the Greek'. Comics aren't exactly known for being suave lady-killers (can you picture Ray Romano or Jerry Seinfeld in leather pants?), but Brand is 100 percent believable as an impossible-to-tame rock God.

Brand had North American audiences asking "Who is that, and why haven't I heard of him before?" when he stole the show in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' in 2008. He had already achieved celebrity status in England, where he hosted TV and radio shows and regularly performed on the stand-up circuit. But he was new to us, and we just couldn't get enough.