The latest flick might not be doing as well as expected, but that isn't stopping the Sex and the City train. EOnline sources claim that New Line is starting to brew an adaptation of creator Candace Bushnell's most recent Carrie Bradshaw installment, The Carrie Diaries. But this one won't be a sex and fashion-filled romp that has Carrie obsessing about sex over and over. The Diaries head back in time to Carrie's high school days in Connecticut. Yes, that means 100% Carrie all the time, before she met the likes of Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha.

As a teen, Carrie was a small-town girl. Her friends call her "Bradley," she's got a widowed father and two sisters (who must die in a freak accident or something since Carrie never speaks of them later in life), is on the swim team, still loves writing and fashion, and is -- ooh la la -- a virgin. Through the book she deals with a rejection for a summer writing program, her friends losing the big V, battles with popular girls, and a crush on a hot-and-cold kid named Sebastian. Basically, it's the usual young adult fare. It's also set in 1979, which means a whole different realm of high school experiences and fashion, pre-dating even Sarah Jessica Parker's carefree Footloose days.

Back when the books were brewing, Bushnell envisioned Miley Cyrus as a young Carrie, which might appeal to the younger folk, but probably won't do a thing for a majority of the SatC fans. But honestly, what's the point? We've already got all the prequel we need in Six and the City. Unfamiliar? The awesome spoof is after the jump, with Heroes' Molly playing Carrie (her first role).
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