Clearly Taylor Lautner is all the rage nowadays, but who's actually convinced he can command a film without the help of his trusty abs or band of Twilight superstars? Production companies Gotham Group and Vertigo Entertainment do. Even Lily Collins jumped on board for the Lautner vehicle, Abduction. Now, according to Variety, Lautner has someone else on his side, a Hollywood vet, Sigourney Weaver.

John Singleton will direct the piece which stars Lautner as a young man who comes across his own baby picture on a missing persons website. After discovering mommy and daddy aren't who he thought they were, he finds himself fleeing a group of KGB operatives. Naturally, Collins will play Lautner's love interest, a school cheerleader nonetheless. Alfred Molina is also in on the game and is set to portray a CIA agent hot on Lautner's heels. Lastly, Weaver's character is Lautner's psychiatrist.
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