I, like many people, am growing tired of plunking down extra cash just to see a film in 3D. That's precisely why I've become almost militant in my decisions about what films do and do not deserve the extorted premium at the box office. The ideal scenario is to have a film that was written for 3D, prepped for 3D and then shot in 3D. However, I don't really care all that much if a film was converted to 3D in post production so long as it was always planned that way. But, if a film was never, ever considered for 3D and is converted in post just to make some more money, as Clash of the Titans was, I will simply refuse to pay to see it in 3D.

It's a given that any major spectacle film coming out of Hollywood these days is going to be released in 3D, but it's very crucial how the film gets to that stage. So it's no surprise that the Joel Silver-produced remake of Logan's Run is going to be in 3D, but it is a welcome detail of note that director Carl Rinsch is indeed designing the film from the ground up to be 3D. MTV has Silver's thoughts on the matter, but there's really nothing to them beyond the common sense that big budget movies sold to audiences in 3D should be crafted in 3D.

In that same clip, which is conveniently embedded below, Silver also talks very briefly about where the Lobo film stands now that Guy Ritchies has left the DC Comics adaptation in favor of Sherlock Holmes 2:
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