T-shirts, posters, wedding rings -- you name it, the Twilight crew will try to bring it to you. And since it's just a wee bit illegal to get Edward and Bella's face on your money (don't get any bright ideas, counterfeiters), they're slapping those vamps and werewolves onto pre-paid debit cards. As THR'sRisky Business reports, Summit Entertainment has made a deal with MYPLASH Prepaid Cards to offer up Bella, Edward, Jacob, some of the dudes from the Volturi, the Cullen clan, and of course, the wolf pack.

These babies will go on sale the day after The Twilight Saga: Eclipse opens -- July 1. Sorry, kids, you won't be able to buy your ticket with your fancy new card, which you can store right next to your checkbook cover holder, and one day, probably your Twilight checks. Does the marketing monster that is Twilight know no limits? I'm waiting for fancy cars to hit the market where a screen shows Edward scolding you when you're driving recklessly and Alice foreseeing the weather and traffic conditions as needed.

But back to the cards. There are some characters strangely missing from the collection. It's not a huge surprise that the elder folks aren't included, though Twilight Moms, at the very least, might like a Charlie/Billy card, or maybe the Volturi trio. But here's some surprising omissions: Dakota Fanning's Jane is not part of the younger Volturi group (does her contract, perhaps, keep her out of these things?), and Boo Boo Stewart's Seth is nowhere to be found. That last one seems particularly strange, since he plays a crucial part in Eclipse, and the wolf card includes the pack, sister Leah, and Emily.

Nevertheless, save your pennies and get ready to start spending!