Mandate Pictures doesn't want to just hand over its teen dance movie to anyone, they want a veteran, making Thomas Carter just the man for the job. According to THR, Carter, who directed Save the Last Dance, has agreed to delve back into the genre and get behind the lens for Dream On. Carter will be pulling double duty as he takes on producing responsibilities as well, which he'll share with Dreamgirls' Laurence Mark.

The script comes from Jason Ubaldi and focuses on 17-year-old girl whose dream of becoming an Olympic gymnast is crushed by an injury. Her back up plan? Testing the waters of the underground hip-hop scene in Atlanta.

Sound familiar? Well, if you've seen Save the Last Dance, either of the Step Up movies or Honey you've already had a taste of what happens when high-class performance and urban hip-hop collide. It wouldn't even be a surprise to see Step Up 2: The Streets' Briana Evigan assume the lead role. She's in her 20s, but since when does that ever stop an actress from playing a high school student?

One thing this project has going for it is Carter. Whereas the majority of these films end up in the hands of first timers or directors only familiar with music videos, this one is going to someone who not only has some serious experience, but someone who's dabbled in the particular genre. No, Save the Last Dance isn't anything great, but in the increasingly dismal world of dance dramas, it's amongst the better ones. Now just wait until Step Up 3D hits theaters at the end of August. With the filming of Dream On not expected to begin until the end of the year, that gives Mandate ample time to announce the addition of the modern movie's biggest star, the third dimension.
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