Want to see Kristen Bellin a porno? Specifically a 1938 black & white stag film titled "June Crenshaw: Sex Kitten to the Supreme Court," written and directed by David Mamet? Sorry boys, but the nudity and sex scenes have apparently escaped the world forever. But at least you can see fragments of the film, which was thought to be lost completely before turning up in a Beverly Hills dentist's woodworking shop. You still get the teases of Bell's dress being lifted up over her bum by a desk fan, her dress being entirely snagged off by a nail, and a lengthy attempt to undo her well-fastened bra as three Supreme Court justices wait patiently. And for the ladies,Ed O'Neill, as one of these judges, disrobes to his undies, too.

Obviously it's not real. It's just another great video from the people at Funny or Die. It's not too hilarious, but again you fanboys won't mind, as you do get to check out Bell -- a geek favorite -- in such compromising positions. And if you're super nerdy like me, you'll also enjoy the historical stuff involving controversial FDR proposals and the lost draft of the Dred Scott Decision. Because it comes to us via Mamet, Ricky Jayalso appears in the video to introduce the "Lost Masterpiece of Pornography," and there is ultimately some bad language concerning O'Neill's manhood. But surprisingly no sign of Rebecca Pidgeon (her part must still be lost).

Check out the relatively safe-for-work video after the jump.
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