Don't wet your panties -- Ruggero Deodato isn't killing off any animals in Domiziano Cristopharo's Bloody Sin of Horror. At least I didn't see any in the trailer, which you can check out after the jump.

The latest offering from the filmmaker behind House of Flesh Mannequins and The Museum of Wonders promises to be a trip to visit the ghosts of the past, "great spots in the history of human consciousness" -- most notably, the Inquisition and the Nazis in World War II. Sounds like a winner to me. The Italian blurb goes on to assure potential viewers that there will be no "moralizing or intellectualism" in the film. I'm not sure assuring your audiences that there won't be any intelligent content in your movie is the way to go, but maybe this is why I write and don't work in marketing ...

It's extra funny when the release goes on to describe the film as a "metaphorical exploration of sex and sin in a porno comic/horror-inspired" piece. Don't fret over any of that, though, because the trailer is groovy. Featuring juxtaposed footage of the inquisition -- where Deodato makes his appearance -- and a more modern-day setting (where a cigarette-smoking woman advises audiences to "behold, the witches are back ... "), this is definitely a throwback to the heyday of '70s Italian cinema.

Just how good Bloody Sin of Horror will be remains to be seen, but watch the trailer and then swing by the film's Facebook page for more retro glam-horror goodness.
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