During an Internet window shopping extravaganza today, a New Zealand-based fashion label caught my eye with their quirky humor and unique designs. Lonely Hearts (self-proclaimed pop culture junkies) finds inspiration in everything from Heathers to the Violent Femmes to motocross -- and they've even managed to design an entire collection around the living dead.

As if the label's name wasn't cool enough, their new collection, Brains For Dinner, is inspired by zombies and other ghoulish things. The line is an eclectic mix of lace, ghostly-gothic draping and tailored silhouettes -- grungy darks paired with crisp whites. If you're a goth girl all grown up and want to nix the Lip Service for something a little more understated but still gloomy and glamorous then Brains for Dinner has your name written all over it. They also make cute lingerie and have other great collections to browse.

Buy pretty things from Lonely Hearts over here, and follow them on Twitter because they quote Pop Will Eat Itself in their bio.
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