The two major genre picks up from this past Sundance film festival were Splice and Buried, the former going to Warner Brothers, the latter to Lionsgate. Any time an indie flick makes it big is a cause for celebration, but I always get a little concerned when a studio buys up a small horror film from the festival circuit. When it came to Splice, the concern was over news that Vincenzo Natali had been called back to the editing room to do some tweaking. As it turns out, the re-edit was only marginally shorter and had nothing to do with censoring content.

Buried's alterations, on the other hand, involved reshoots. That's not exactly something you want to hear when talking about a film that takes place almost entirely from within the confines of a coffin, as the first fear that jumps to mind is the studio adding in more out-of-the-ground material because they think audiences won't like the idea of it being all from inside a coffin. We'll have to wait until September 24th to know what changes were actually made to the film, but in the mean time Lionsgate have eleviated some of my fears with the unveiling of their new poster for the film. It's a huge relief to see marketing materials that are original and not just Photoshopped stills from the film.

Check it out in full over at MTV.
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