I had big expectations when I went to see Knocked Up. It was made by Judd Apatow -- the guy who had given us The 40 Year Old Virgin two years before, and Freaks and Geeks well before that. Even better -- it also starred one of my favorite people from Virgin, and a Freaks alum to boot -- Seth Rogen. The comedy looked funny, and Scott had given it a stellar review from SxSW; everything was on the up and up. Then I went to see the filmfor myself. I laughed at times, but ultimately came out feeling cold and wondering how the story of a shrew and a slacker could elicit such huge amounts of love.

Three years later, I decided to revisit Knocked Up for Cinematical Movie Club and suss out just why I disliked it, why I was in the minority, and if, just possibly, a second viewing would give me a whole new experience. Unfortunately, that last part turned out to be a pipe dream. Knocked Up is just as aggravating as it was the first time around, but now I think I have a handle on why.
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