This kind of thing still happens well into the 21st century??!? Hopefully you haven't bought a $2 Shrek Forever Aftercollectible drinking glass at McDonalds recently. But if you did, hopefully you didn't let your kids (or anyone else) drink from it yet. If you did, though, don't freak out, as it's not as terrible as it sounds. MarketWatch reports that the 16 oz. glasses are being recalled by the fast food chain because their Shrek-themed illustrations are slightly poisonous. At least 12 million of these cheap souvenirs, of which there are four different designs, were made using paint featuring toxic cadmium, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. And surprisingly they weren't produced in China, where we've come to expect hazardous products now and again. No, they were made right here in the U.S. -- New Jersey to be exact -- by a company called Arc International.

So what do you do if you have bought a glass or four? Well, you can simply be out a minimal cost of $2 to $8, or you can try reaching out to McDonalds. Unfortunately, it appears that this early into the recall the second option could be difficult. Apparently you're supposed to visit a certain website (, which currently doesn't work. But if you can call today (Friday) before 5pm CT, you might also try reaching someone at the following number: (800) 244-6227. I have a feeling that will be a bit busy, as well. Or, one other option is just to keep the glasses as a display item and not let anyone drink from them, at least not regularly. The cadmium in the paint is allegedly low enough that it doesn't really pose a threat to anyone on an immediate level, but as with any carcinogenic item, you're better off being safe now than sorry down the line.
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