If you're upset about Guillermo del Toro departing Middle-earth, would you settle for his arrival in Oz? According to a Deadline piece on that "edgy," 3D, re-imagined Snow White movie we wrote about earlier, the Spanish Mexican filmmaker is "rumored" to be interested in Disney's The Great and Powerful Oz, in which Robert Downey, Jr. will play the titular Midwesterner who winds up leader of L. Frank Baum's imaginative land of yellow brick roads and good and evil witches. Just yesterday we learned that Sam Mendes exited this project, leaving it open to a number of "circling" directors, including Adam Shankman and Timur Bekmambetov. Anyone familiar with Del Toro's work, particularly the Oscar-nominated Pan's Labyrinth, knows which of the three named would be best to tackle Oz and its wonderful wizard's origins.

But did he really leave The Hobbit after all that time just to sign on to a project he's never been linked to prior? Maybe I was wrong to assume Del Toro was sick of the production delays on the Lord of the Rings prequel because he had so many other films on his plate. While some of the bazillion things we've heard his name attached to have been things he's merely producing or co-writing, but haven't we all wished he would also take on directorial duties for them all? Besides, he is supposed to helm The Witches and Frankenstein and Jekyll and Hyde and Slaughterhouse Five and Drood and, and, and ... now Oz? I simply don't believe it.
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