I hate television. The mere sound of it makes my skin crawl. But I do have a few guilty pleasure shows that I catch on Hulu.com and two of them involve foul-mouthed foodie Gordon Ramsay. He's totally obnoxious, unforgiving and cuts to the core -- but I just dig him.

Season seven of Hell's Kitchen started on June 1 and I caught it online last night. It's the usual cast of annoying characters -- all comprised of a motley crew of wannabe winners ranging from homemakers, to personal chefs, to a pizza maker. For those of you unfamiliar as to how this cluster f*ck works -- a group of hopefuls gather together for the chance to win an executive chef position at one of Ramsay's world famous restaurants. They cook their asses off and the result is Real World meets Marine Boot Camp at Parris Island -- with Ramsay doing his best R. Lee Ermey impersonation.

My favorite contestant on the show so far is a farmer named Andrew Forester. He has apparently been dubbed the "Hell's Kitchen Hannibal Lecter" and his serial killer stare, love for raw meat, and slaughtering animals isn't really helping his case -- but he's fun to watch. Did I mention that he noted on the show if he wins he'll be purchasing some walk-in coolers? Exactly. Check out a video of Andrew after the jump. In the clip, he presents his "signature dish" for Gordon to try in hopes of winning him over (he appears about 5 mins. in). You can catch up with the new season's first full episode over here.
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