Most of the Horror Squad Movie Club picks tend to be for older films we love but haven't seen in a few years, but this week I'm going for a newer film I love that feels like it could have been dropped out of a wormhole reaching back to the days of 'ole. I suspect that most regular readers of the site will have recently seen Ti West's meticulous throwback to the Satanic Panic niche of the '80s, but I do hope there are a few among of us who have yet to be taken in to Tom Noonan's house. Hopefully having the film on tap via Netflix Watch Instantly will be the kick in the pants the uninitiated need to finally press play on this bad boy.

I've got no starting points of discussion to keep an eye out for, so just sit back with a slice of your favorite pepperoni pizza and enjoy The House of the Devil. See you on Monday for the post-film wrap-up.
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