Hill and Stoller

A few weeks ago, actor Jonah Hill and writer/director Nicholas Stoller turned up in Austin for a special preview screening of Get Him to the Greek, entertaining an enthusiastic audience at an Alamo Drafthouse. The comedy stars Hill as Aaron Green, who works for a record label and somehow ends up with the responsibility of making sure rockstar-in-decline Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) gets to an anniversary concert in LA at, of course, the Greek. Aldous Snow is also a character in the movie Stoller directed before this one, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The above photos are from the Austin event -- many thanks to photographer and film geek Heather Leah Kennedy for granting permission to use them after I found them in her Flickr stream.

The morning after the Alamo screening -- bright and early, let me tell you -- Cinematical interviewed the actor and filmmaker. Stoller showed me how to play MASH -- the paper game that schoolkids play, which I'd played under a different name in grade school -- while Hill drew a doodle of Stoller that I'm sorry I didn't steal and share. We poked fun at the hotel's odd background music, which Stoller described as making him feel like we were in "the waiting room in Purgatory." It was a very lively interview, and I hope I've captured that after the jump.