Spider-ManIn case you haven't heard Marvel is going more corporate. It's also seriously concentrating on its movie franchises. However, much to Marvel's credit, it did something smart. The company promoted Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada to Chief Creative Officer. Of course, he's still performing EIC duties, so he's now become the Marvel Two-In-One (obscure comic joke for the uninitiated).

Compare this to DC Comics, which gave its former President Paul Levitz the boot (yeah, he supposedly "stepped down," but I suspect it was under duress). In effect, because he worked in the publishing industry rather than the movie industry, Levitz got a demotion.

It is a bit of a success story. Quesada came into the industry as an artist with a BFA from New York's School of Visual Arts and now he's an executive at one of the highest-profile companies in America if not the world. Who hasn't heard of Spider-Man? As a great man once said, it's good to be the king.
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