In Killers, Spencer (Ashton Kutcher) is a gorgeous spy with a perfect body who hangs out with hot models and drives fancy cars when he's not killing bad guys (shirtless!) but longs to give it all up because the bad guys aren't always bad and suburbia and normalcy is starting to sound awfully good. Just as he's coming to this conclusion, he meets Jen (Katherine Heigl), an awkward, neurotic, freshly dumped woman who's on vacation in Nice with her parents; her father, who is played by Tom Selleck and his lush moustache, is ridiculously overprotective, and her mother, the giddy Catherine O'Hara, is a bit of a Chardonnay lush. They don't miss a chance to remind her how normal and boring she is; she wouldn't even bungie jump with her ex, for God's sake! And her ex had a "womanly" keister.

Despite a brainless meet-cute in an elevator while Jen is eating Maalox and unconvincing chemistry that's apparent even in the first thirteen minutes of the movie that was streamed online, Spencer and Jen fall in love after a romantic yet gentlemanly courtship. They move to the 'burbs, he starts a business, she does something with software, and it's all good. There are the freaky and annoying neighbors, chatterbox BFFs (including the hilarious Rob Riggle and the far less so Casey Wilson), a perfect house, and lots of hot sex. Spencer remains retired from duty until he gets a postcard from his former boss, and suddenly literally everyone around him is trying to kill him. It's a good thing he's prepared for just such an event, with guns and money hidden in the house! Naturally, Jen is flustered, angry, scared of guns, and, um, everything you'd expect her to be; she goes back and forth between wielding guns and kicking some butt and being horrified and angry at her lying husband.