'Marmaduke' is one rambunctious Great Dane, but lets give the cartoon canine some credit. He's had to wait over 50 years for the big-screen treatment (the newspaper strip started in 1954).

Well, the wait is finally over. 'Marmaduke' opens today, fetching, walking and talking (voiced by "Lightning McQueen" himself, Owen Wilson). The humans involved aren't too shabby, either: 'Pushing Daisies'' Lee Pace and the always-animated Judy Greer co-star.

As big as he is, Marmaduke can't create havoc alone. Among the other voices you'll hear in the film are George Lopez, Fergie and McLovin' (aka Christopher Mintz-Plasse).

Parents of preteens will certainly find the movie's PG rating comforting, especially since some flicks of late have carried a PG-13 (we're looking at you, 'Prince of Persia'). Is 'Marmaduke' as brisk as a walk in the park? A top dog of summer films? Let's see if the critics wanted to flea the theater (Okay, okay, sorry).