Celebrities, films and pop culture are set to collide this Sunday at the MTV Movie Awards (June 6, 9PM ET, live on MTV). Forget prestige and well-crafted winners' speeches: The network's annual award show is a populist affair in which films like 'The Hangover,''Avatar' and 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon'are the top dogs, and where tween adoration trumps critical acclaim. With categories like Best Kiss and Best WTF moment ("There's nothing hot about projectile vomit," one nominee description says cheerily), MTV makes fandom fun, while maxing out the award show's potential as a promo machine for all things teen.

"It's cool to see a lot of these big movies that don't necessarily get Oscars, but are still very popular, have their night," Aziz Ansari told us. The comic and 'Parks and Recreation' star is hosting the show in what will be his first emcee gig ever. "That's the point," he added. "As far as an awards show that will give you ridiculous fodder to react to, you can't ask for anything better than the Movie Awards."
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